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Amy Lee

Insurance Advisor
Investment Representative
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Get big discounts on Canada Life My Term

There’s no better time to connect with me if you've have experienced recent milestones, like getting married, buying a home, or starting a family or business. I can help meet your needs with this discount on our flexible Canada Life MyTerm product

Discount quick facts

15% discount for 10-year Canada Life My Term length
10% discount for all other Canada Life My Term lengths
Applied to the premium for the policy’s life including renewals
Eligible for joint first to die with the equivalent single age (ESA) of 55 or younger
Includes additional benefits if added at the time the policy is issued, reissues (if original policy qualified for the
discount) and preferred or rated premiums


What is term life insurance?

It’s temporary coverage that lasts for a set period and, in most cases, automatically renews. Canada Life offers a choice of 10-, 20-, 30-year terms or age to 65 term products. With term life insurance, the payments you make, called premiums, are set at an initial low cost that won’t change during the set period.

Learn more about Term Life Insurance at Canada Life

What are the requirements for the Canada Life My Term discount?:

This offer is available to new standalone Canada Life My Term policies with issue ages of 55 or younger and available through SimpleProtect™, web app and paper app. Signed applications must be received by head office between Nov. 1 and Mar. 6, 2022

Additional benefits (riders) if added at the time the policy is issued will also be included in the discount such as disability waiver, child rider, business growth protection rider, etc. Premiums are reduced by 15% for term length of 10 years and 10% for all other term lengths for the life of the policy including renewals

For more information please send me and email or give me a call.  Amy